Mar 082021

Ben Stein shoots videos warning everyone about his side effects from the Moderna COVID-19 booster shot. Says he was on oxygen for days.
“Extremely Irrational Thinking”
“That thing is a killer”
“Eats your lungs up”
“Eats your brain up”
In fact Dr. Tenpenny has talked about how the new shots (not a vaccine or therapy) create a spike protein that is able to break through the blood brain barrier and effect the brain.

Mar 012021

Del Bigtree, who exposed the CDC as a total fraud racket, destroys Fauci and the rest of the uninformed public on this The HighWire episode. A must watch! One of the main points they make is that all the countries who didn’t do lockdowns or used a light approach on lockdowns are doing much better than the countries that took a strong lockdown approach.

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