Sep 172021

Sources are saying that Nicki Minaj’s filthy ass has recently registered as a Republican after being censored by big tech for questioning the new drugs that the government is shooting people up with that have been touted to protect against disease. Minaj’s ass is well know to harbor an extreme amount of bacteria and viruses that could possibly be effected negatively from the shots.

That’s HUGE!

The new right wing, racist, white supremacy, Trump supporting, extremist.
Sep 172021

Recently Big Tech control freaks at Facebook censored a video of Ernest Ramirez telling a story about how his son died a few days following a Pfizer jab. His son was active and health before the jab and then, as he went to play basket ball with his friends, he fell on the ground with a huge heart attack and died. That story is now not aloud to be told on certain social media platforms.


Big tech and mainstream media is complicit in mass murder and the new soft kill genocide.

Sep 172021

Wendy Williams, a 57 year old tyrannical control freak talk show host who enjoys masking her dumbass audience and then making money off of their stupidity by selling them over priced “HOW YOU DOIN?” slave masks, is suffering from a positive COVID test even though she has been fully vaccinated, aka: “Breakthrough” case. Today her brother reports that she has been rushed to the hospital for ‘psychiatric issues according to “The U.S. Sun”.


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