Sep 282021

Dancer Cheryl Burke, from Dancing with the Stars, went to her environmentally unfriendly Tesla hunk of junk to record a message to her minions that she is double vaxxed with Moderna and has taken a COVID “fake” PCR test and had a positive result. GEE WIZ!

So, will she be put in the hospital and, by protocol, be put on the organ destroying remdesivir till her kidneys fail and have a ventilator tube shoved down her throat till she’s dead?

Didn’t Moderna just come out and say that your twice as likely to get COVID with their jab?

It’s probably just a big lie cause she recently bragged about getting 6 pack abs from a body sculpting treatment, so after watching herself from opening night there’s a good chance she couldn’t handle all her bad decisions all dropped out.
Sep 172021

Sources are saying that Nicki Minaj’s filthy ass has recently registered as a Republican after being censored by big tech for questioning the new drugs that the government is shooting people up with that have been touted to protect against disease. Minaj’s ass is well know to harbor an extreme amount of bacteria and viruses that could possibly be effected negatively from the shots.

That’s HUGE!

The new right wing, racist, white supremacy, Trump supporting, extremist.