Mar 082021

Watch as medical doctor Sherri Tenpenny explains how the COVID shots are “a well designed killing tool”. She warns of the many side effects and life long adaptations the new spike proteins, created by the Messenger RNA, cause.

Researchers found the antibody on the spike protein can attack 28 different organs in the human body when they tested it on 50+ tissue samples.

One of the many shocking findings is that they had to put a lipid coding made of polyethylene glycol (petroleum based chemical), to maintain stability, which %70 of the population are now having an allergic reaction to, will trigger anaphylactic shock.

  • “It’s not a vaccine because it doesn’t prevent you from getting sick”
  • “I mapped out 10 mechanisms of injury”
  • “It will permanently and irreversibly change your immune system”
  • “The FDA and the CDC have violated three areas of federal law to be able to authorize this emergency use”
  • “The survival rate on this virus is %99.91”
  • “I think we’re going to see massive injuries and a lot more deaths starting somewhere between 4 and 18 months from now”

The VAERS report as of Feb, 18th (2 months since start of vaccination campaign) has over 1000 deaths which is about %10 of reports. The adverse events to the COVID shots could be well above a million.