Jun 032021

Bezos minions are unknowingly building a gigantic Amazon network simply by installing the devices in their homes and offices. Soon Amazon will be turning the machines into a huge network using the devices as repeaters, or “bridges”, via their “sidewalk” operation which links most common Amazon devices. Not only that but they will have the ability to use frequencies to trigger responses in people. Most people that will be effected will have taken the new COVID shots that they are calling “vaccines”. Word is that most of these new injections are creating crystals in the brain that can be controlled when hit with certain frequencies, turning them into a type of controllable zombie.

Amazon’s sidewalk will be enabled on June 14th. Amazon will allow ppl to opt-out of the service but from what I’ve heard, they don’t give a crap and will automatically turn it on the devices either way.

So don’t be surprised when your neighbor shows up at your door but instead of bumming a bit of sugar they will try to eat your brain. 😉

“I buy my toilet paper from Amazon.”
“Got any sugar? brains..?