Jan 092021

It’s JVonD Radio’s 16th season. The guys are bringing dramatic format changes and new sounds. The guys cover the Pioneer SQUID Creative Multitrack Sequencer Black, and the Waves CLA Epic.

Dec 262020

Just a quick update on new website features for 2021.

I’ve been making some major breakthroughs, not only on JVonD Radio, but also in my music. If you’ve been listening to my brand new jams (DEC 2020) you’ll know that there has been dramatic improvements. I made the decision to limit my content delivery to the ones who really appreciate the time and dedication of the decades of hard work, free tutorials, and overall knowledge learned and passed on along the way.

For example the most recent Quarantine Session we go deep into Octatrack programming techniques and I give out the secrets that I’ve been searching for for many years. This information is a major game changer and it seems like each show and tutorial is full of extremely vital info for producers to thrive. I feel that my new music is on another level. The older stuff I thought was real good but this new stuff is out of this world and I’m done giving it away.

I’ve also made the decision to cut out the fascist big-tech cult who has been censoring me and a lot of others. The way I do that is by putting low quality video clips on their sites to drive ppl to my home site.

I will still provide free video and audio but they will be smaller segmented ones and if people want to pitch in a minimal amount they can sign up for the full archives.

I now have a brand new store and I’m cutting out the middle man. Almost all the funds go directly to me instead of using other services that act as a shopping cart. So please purchase with confidence that it’s going to a good place. On the radio show subscriptions I will be paying out a percentage to the guests. The non-premium video archives will not include key tips, reviews, and full jam sessions. If people are willing to join the live stream then they get it all without having to pay. Bottom line is I’m really trying to encourage community participation.

So lots of new stuff for 2021! Please keep on hanging out cause there’s gonna be a lot more Beers’ Buddies, and Beatomatics, maybe without as much beer.

Dec 202020

JVonD go’s solo and drops all kinds of new super bass pumpin Octatrack beats while also putting on display the AIR Music Tech Super Synth Pack that features the Hybrid 3.0, Loom II, and The Riser virtual synthesizers. Later he cover’s the Korg Opsix and takes a look at the Tump Dump music video by WTFBrahh.