Nov 202021

Self Defense lives on following the Kyle Rittenhouse court case enraging the leftist cult even more now that one of their leaders, a 5 time serial child rapist pedophile, Joseph Rosenbaum was killed as he attempted to attack the 17 year old boy.

Following the trial Kyle said “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal”. Tucker Carlson will be release a documentary on the events of Kyle Rittenhouse. In the promo video Kyle talks about his PTSD that he now lives with every day of his life.

Still pedophiles and their enablers fume at the court’s results calling Rittenhouse a “Murderer” even though a jury of his piers has found that is not the case. One can only expect Kyle Rittenhouse will be a very rich man after not only the fake news media but even the Joe Biden, the President of Afghanistan, has defamed him.

Oct 292021

People are getting furious that others have not be using the correct pronoun in their new improved society of inclusion. Especially following the recently news of Alec Baldwin blasting Halyna Hutchins to death on a movie set.

Mainstream Media is getting it right. Halyna Hutchins is now a camera and or a camera lens. Alec Baldwin shot a camera!!! and if you don’t consider camera lens, a camera then the libtards will come down on you!


Aug 312021

A group of super skanks are seen obnoxiously ripping huge farts and most likely directly shedding COVID vax spike proteins from their disgusting bacteria and virus filled ass cracks, at innocent passerby’rs, in the middle of a busy Chicago road as a man gets brutally attacked in Chicago by a group of thugs who ended up robbing and stealing from multiple people. Later pedestrians were seen violently vomiting and convulsing from the rank stank and vile optics given off by the display. Trusted sources are saying that the inner city hoochie mama ass gas attacks can be compared to being hit with bear spray at point blank range.

The new improved USA Society

Mainstream Media be like “White Supremacist attack poor defenseless black handicap oppressed boy who was walking alone back to the homeless shelter for kids. BLM must attack now!”