Aug 112021

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is trending big time. The Colorado vote is a big deal on Wednesday after the Mesa County clerk Tina M. Peters’s office got raided by the Secretary of State on Tuesday while she was on her way to the Cyber Symposium. Now on Wednesday we can see a bunch of tech guys going through the databases of the voting processes and finding all kinds of data breaches, log issues, and missing files. Using forensic voting machine “images”, it was noted that a “de-hardening” batch script was in place both before & after the election. It is believed this could be used to reduce the security of the machines. This is nuts!

Feb 212021

How many states use the Dominion Voting Systems?

There’s been a little confusion to how many states use these machines. As of 2/21/21 even Wikipedia says it’s more than one and that it’s actually 28 in 2020.

At least 1600 jurisdictions!

There’s a theory that the software called Fraction Magic has been used to give certain votes less of a percentage of value to turn elections for whoever the programmer chooses. So votes are not counted as a value of 1 or zero they are fractions of 1.