Aug 132021

Here’s a guide on how the Department Of Health along with the Board Of Education will remove your kids from your custody and make them into sex slaves.

In Colorado they are offering Mask exemption forms. If you submit one of these you basically release the schools and health officials to be able to test your kids at will and quarantine.

-When your kid goes into class without a mask, soon there will be a masked kid who catches a cold.
-All blame goes on the unmasked kid.
-The unmasked kid goes into school quarantine and goes through testing.
-Soon after the board of health will remove your kid from your custody because they will claim that you are an unfit parent because you’re putting you child in danger or “at risk”. Your family will then be labeled as “spreaders”.
-Then the parents will be put into a “CAMP” and the kids will be moved into a liberal pedophile’s home.

Cool! Huh..?