Mar 052019

As Matt Bracken points out on Infowars we are in an illusion of free speech as he was describing being put on a Facebook 30 day ban for posting a link to a Tommy Robinson video while talking about how Facebook and others banned him. Just mentioning Facebook banning people gets you banned. Like Matt Bracken I have been put into youtube jail for a Sandy Hook video so I personally know they are banning free speech. I was banned from using youtube streaming services for 3 months because they didn’t like one of my videos that was already buried with minimal views.

Now the meat and potatoes…

If you haven’t heard of Tommy Robinson then please take a couple hours and learn about him. For now I want to focus on his new banned documentary called Panodrama. Everyone should watch this video to see how deceptive globalist government and main stream media is.

In a nut shell, Tommy Robinson exposes the BBC’s false reporting and fraud.