WordPress Basic



Get a basic WordPress website setup for you to post and design. Free theme included or add your own themes and plugins from the WordPress directory. You will never have to pay for anything ever again.


Take back your freedom and get your own “totally free” WordPress site. We will setup your WordPress framework so that you can design the perfect site with the ability to migrate from server to server.

Most website hosts use proprietary software, themes, or plugins to entrap clients into using their services indefinitely. Now you can have full control over your site data and database with the ability to migrate from server to server giving you all the freedoms to shop around the different website hosting companies.

Need to adjust something but don’t have time, you can hire JVonD to tweak your design by the hour.

Additional information


This product is limited to just setting up a basic WordPress site and nothing more. When you view your site for the first time you will see a very boring website and then you will do the designing via a control panel built into WordPress that is accessible to via any browser.


When we say "you'll never have to pay for anything ever again" we are referring to design fees, theme fees, and plugin fees. Not meaning hosting fees. Technically if you are hosting your own webserver then you don't have to pay for hosting fees either.

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