This is a 3 month hosting package for basic Website and FTP hosting.

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Purchase basic website and FTP hosting for 3 months.

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Terms of Service

Thank you for considering the JVonD Productions gigabit internet web server.

Although this is not a big server farm we do take pride in providing a safe and secure hosting environment for your website.
Please be aware that this is not a dedicated server. You are using a shared server with a few other websites and users. This is how we can keep the cost down. The hosting fee's we charge don't even cover the light pipe internet costs. That being said, you do have unlimited internet access but please respect others by not hosting massive downloads/uploads that get huge hits that could create a bottleneck in the bandwidth. There are ways to limit that but for now I would prefer to just leave the valve wide open. We would recommend using alternative websites like for the big stuff.

Downtime can be frustrating and any unscheduled downtime is unacceptable so we would like to offer you a up-time guarantee that comes with all the hosting plans. In order to use this feature all you have to do is send an email to us so that we can resolve the issue ASAP and then we will have a timestamp and note your downtime. When your service period comes to an end and you have had significant downtime, over %1, we will refund double the percentage of down time to you or discount your next order. There are always infrastructure updates so there will be scheduled maintenance that will be announced 24 hours in advance, so we will reserve 10 minutes per quarter of possible down time for that. Sometimes, although extremely rare, you may have to change your "A" record with your DNS host to point at a different IP. This is normal in this shared server scenario but please be assured that it won't be a regular occurrence and will only happen during an main infrastructure changing event.

Have full access and control! We are proud to provide all access to your site including the database. You will be able to migrate your site at any time and have full FTP and MySQL export capabilities.

Satisfaction guaranteed! If there is at any time a problem with your service or support we will make it right.

We will provide a security certificate for your domains and update them for free. Please check out the Hosting Plans and there you can purchase straight from the website.

We reserve the right to end service at anytime and although there aren't to many policies that could get your service terminated, we will have no tolerance for pornography and other illegal content. Do not use executable files directly from the server. Please compress (zip) executable files for sharing.

Shoutcast Radio hosting is available at $0.50 / listener / month. For more information please contact JVonD.