Nov 252020

The fake news main stream media is so corrupt and need to be punished. Hopefully thrown in jail or deported. The jerks barely covered the Million MAGA March event, pushed a morning image, and then would say “thousands” showed up when they could have been a little honest and said “hundreds of thousands” or at very least “tens of thousands” when most observers speculate well over a million and an even larger crowd than the “Million Man March” organized by Louis Farrakhan.

You want to see scum? Check this out.
Do an image search for “Million Maga March” and you’ll find image from just another deceptive corrupt fake news organization called News Week where the article says the rally “Will Host White Supremacists” when it seems they used a picture of a man who may have some African American blood.

This is just pathetic. Everyone knows there wasn’t a racist out there besides the left’s BLM/Antifa.