With his guitar synth and custom workstation called the "BEATOMATIC" JVonD propels you into the outer realm of sound. This Buffalo, NY native who is often mistaken as a DJ is actually a Trance/Ambient recording artist who has the unique ability to improv compose live using sound modules. What makes him different from other electronic artists is that he uses hundreds of original patterns and samples that are constantly changing and never stop, where others use pre-program songs that don't change. Improv composing means that the songs will never sound the same twice and it makes the show much more interactive where energy can help shape the show's sound. His sound combines the heart and soul of Jerry Garcia, Consolidated, and Widespread Panic with the searing sonic sounds of Butthole Surfers, Frank Zappa, Beastie Boys, Yes, ORB and may others.

2005 was the introduction of JVonD Radio Podcast/Vidcast/TV show featuring music from his massive archive of jams with many different types of artists along with interviews and descriptions. Exploring the limits of technology, JVonD takes the show live to the web, mobile devices, and even into the virtual reality realm of second life where people can chat during shows, view simulcasts of video debuts, or even call in live or leave voice mail comments.

As a recording artist, JVonD records everything. Mainly sensitive sounds to use in his music. For instance, sounds that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, soothing sounds that comfort you, or even warped sounds meant to make you sick. With dedication he has acquired an astonishing 200+ CD/DVD collection of original recordings.

Memories are what life is.. ~ JVonD

circa 2006