Nov 282020
The Lie the Vatican Told

The COVENS of AZAZEL & The Babylonian Slave Queen Enjoy the re-mastered and fully narrated version of “The Lie the Vatican Told”. This documentary will take you deep into the dark side of the controlling cult that writes the rules for planet Earth.

May 192019
Swine Fever Still Going

These pigs are slaughtering themselves… “African swine fever keeps spreading in Asia, threatening food security” by Dennis Normile via Science “In recent weeks, it has jumped borders to Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, and possibly North Korea. Animal health experts agree that the disease will inevitably spread farther. And many of the newly hit countries are even […]

Aug 092018
Live Stock Gaps, Technical's, and Anomalies.

It’s really strange how somethings work. Ya never know which platform will have the most accurate information especially when it comes to futures. When trading the Live Stock futures it’s super important to expect weird anomalies. So what to do when setting up your continuous daily/weekly charts? I donno! The market manipulation is crazy and […]