Jun 012014
Electronic Jam Night - 6/1/14

Huge experimental jams! BDGTC weekend review! Big poll! Fukushima Update! JVonD and Aphonix in Boulder, CO. Citrus Man live via video conference from Hollywood, CA. https://archive.org/download/2014-06-01_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight/2014-06-01_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight.mp4

Jun 232013
Colorado Belt 2013

The Titanomachy is the biggest thing to ever happen to disc golf. It’s champ vs. champ during the 2013 Colorado Belt Disc Golf Championship. https://archive.org/download/2013-06-21_JVonDRadio_ColoradoBelt2013/2013-06-21_JVonDRadio_ColoradoBelt2013.mp4 Belt disc golf is a grueling extreme sport. Do not attempt to replicate anything on this video! Laymen and PDGA big mouths take on the risk of certain death.

May 052013
Electronic Jam Night - 5/5/13

JVonD and Citrus Man talk about recent projects, the new Octatrack, and disc golf. See Citrus Man’s GoPro footage from the BDGTC and also JVonD’s raw footage from the Trance For Animals gig. https://archive.org/download/2013-05-05_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight/2013-05-05_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight.mp4

Apr 072013
Electronic Jam Night - 4/7/13

Citrus Man and JVonD welcome the Lysergian Sound Diplomats, DJ Aphonix, Dick Extense, and Oblivion. This is the first interview with the elusive Professor and Professional diplomats. Lots of jams and good times. https://archive.org/download/2013-04-07_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight/2013-04-07_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight.mp4