Dec 202020

JVonD go’s solo and drops all kinds of new super bass pumpin Octatrack beats while also putting on display the AIR Music Tech Super Synth Pack that features the Hybrid 3.0, Loom II, and The Riser virtual synthesizers. Later he cover’s the Korg Opsix and takes a look at the Tump Dump music video by WTFBrahh.

Nov 232020

The return of Aphonix! Also a huge announcement that will drive politics for years to come. The guys talk about the future of LSD, jam hard, and cover the MASCHINE Standalone, Wavestate, Mini MK3, Carry-On 88-Key Folding Piano and MIDI Controller, Jimi Hendrix Headphones, iZOTOPE RX, Ableton 11, Hologram Electronics Microcosm, and the SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer.