Mar 192020

An exciting St. Partick’s Day show featuring Aphonix live from his remote quarantine studio while also incorporating Resolume video effects software into his jams. The guys discuss some advanced Octatrack setups and cover the Reason Beat Map, Rack VST Midi Out , Moog Vocoder, KORG volca fm, volca nubass, Behringer System 55 Moduler Synth, and the Behringer CAT.
In memory of Michael James.

Feb 152020

The Drumulator joins JVonD for the synthesizer spectacular. The guys cover some of the new Roland gear like the A88MKII, GO:Livecast, and the GO:Piano with Alexa. Then they dive in to the synths like the KORG – ARP 2600, Berhinger 2600, Nord Wave 2, Waldorf Quantum, Moog One, and the Sequential Synth.