Jun 142021
Biden's Epic Market

Biden’s epic market just ripped to a new All-Time-High CLOSE! making Trump’s market look like a sucka chump. With the destruction of America’s middle class how could this be? Unnamed sources have mentioned that the FANG’s (Super Corrupt Tech Monopoly Mega Corporations), now known as FAG to accommodate critical race theory, are joining forces. Apple, […]

Dec 242019
Christmas jams at the Holiday Fair

Recorded live on Dec 7th at the Colorado School Of Clinical Herbalism.Christmas Song – Concerto In C Major – Deck The Halls https://archive.org/download/2019-12-07_JVonD_HolidayFair/2019-12-07_JVonD_HolidayFair.mp4 “Special thanks to my daughter Sophie Geminid for capturing the video.” ~J Below you’ll find a link to the full concert via audio archive. Christmas Song – Concerto In C Major – […]

May 202019
Welcome to Crazy Town!

The extremely deranged liberal left fascist zombie lunatics have proven themselves once again showing they are so dumb downed, a retarding of their development causing mental illness, that not only do they want to get rid of the first amendment for anyone that questions them but they actually think they can get social media to […]

Apr 012019
Brock for the Belts!

Colorado fighter Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson, now the “Karate Mommy”, has been making an incredible come back in MMA after becoming a mother six years ago and following Saturday’s big win she is now ranked top 5 in the UFC. She “wants gold” and it sure seems like her momentum can’t be stopped, until… […]