Oct 062013
Electronic Jam Night - 10/6/13

Aphonix and Citrus Man join JVonD for a night of music tech talk and jamming. Also a clip of Silent Bear jamming at the Wake Of The Flood show at the Fox Theater. JVonD and Aphonix jam with brand new Octatrack setups. https://archive.org/download/2013-10-06_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight/2013-10-06_JVonDRadio_ElectronicJamNight.mp4

Nov 102008

JVonD talks about his recent shindigs that are keeping him busy. Featured shows are Behind The Song, Broads On Blues, and the Poets’ Cooperative. Watch their TV shows online! Show ends with the first jam of “The Whale”. https://archive.org/download/2008-11-10_JVonDRadio_Shindigs/2008-11-10_JVonDRadio_Shindigs.mp4

Feb 172007

Shammy joins in on the fun as JVonD drinks lots of beer and plays tunes from his myspace friends. MYSPACE PROFILES – jimweiderband, thetarhythmband, twigsbeats, richdesoto, flatcatrecords, dougwapner, dougmikula, yogimusic, bradbyrdsound, tomshad1, sigur_ros, bartender_tom. Later in the evening, after many “Official Oblivion Beer Updates” sponsored by “Buddy’s Pub & Home Brew”, Shammy pulls the classic […]