Aug 112021

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is trending big time. The Colorado vote is a big deal on Wednesday after the Mesa County clerk Tina M. Peters’s office got raided by the Secretary of State on Tuesday while she was on her way to the Cyber Symposium. Now on Wednesday we can see a bunch of tech guys going through the databases of the voting processes and finding all kinds of data breaches, log issues, and missing files. Using forensic voting machine “images”, it was noted that a “de-hardening” batch script was in place both before & after the election. It is believed this could be used to reduce the security of the machines. This is nuts!

Dec 062019

Hyberfil.sys literally sucks your hard drive dry. If you don’t use hibernate mode on your computer then you can save a ton of disc space by telling windows to stop using the option.

In the command prompt just type in-

“powercfg -h off”

The computer will pause for a sec and then you’ll notice about %10 of your hard space was recovered. This is because windows deleted the file hiberfil.sys.

You can find the folders that are eating up your drives by using the app WinDirStat. It’s kickass!

You can also compress your “Installers” folder in the “Windows” folder to free up another nice chunk.

After using these options my hard drive is looking good again. Went from like zero free-space to over 10Gig free. =D

Feb 022016

After falling for some malware BS recently I found an old “system image” that I made a while back that I made when my computer was running perfect. This is a must do if your a computer freak like me. Make a “System Image” of your Windows in case you get a virus. It’s pretty easy to never have an issue again.

  • Go to the “Backup and Restore” area of the control panel.
  • Click the “Create a system image” button on the left.


  • Save it to a hard-drive.  DONE!
  • Be aware that you will be restoring the drive as it was so be sure and get you personal data off of it. I’d recommend using a completely different drive for all your personal data.
  • To reinstall your system image go to that “Backup and Restore” and click the “Recover system settings or your computer”.
  • 2016-02-02_23-25-48Click the “Advanced recovery methods” button on the bottom.
  • 2016-02-02_23-30-26Click on the “Use a system image you created earlier…” button.
  • Skip backup and “Restart” your computer.
  • When your computer comes back on let it scan for images.
  • Then select what image you want to restore.
  • It will reinstall you system image and you should be good.