Jul 092021
Johns Hopkins takes one of their own!

Johns Hopkins, the super corrupt COVID fraud collaborator, has taken one of it’s own. Robin Spring Saunders age 45 was forced to take the shots to retain her work at their hospital in Maryland and following 2 shots she was “in the ICU with brain swelling and heart issues.” according to her cousin. Now she’s […]

Jul 092021
Here they come!

The pedophiles, disguised as gays, have finally unmasked their true intentions and are now belligerent in letting everyone know that they are coming for all the children. A new video, that was recently made public, shows the “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” singing about coming and taking your children. At least their honest. There is “still work to […]

Apr 062021
SPARS - COVID Blueprint

The SPARS Pandemic from Johns Hopkins is the blueprint of the COVID Pandemic just labeled for a later date. You can read along the timescale as events happen with precise accuracy. Information on how the shot (aka:vaccine) is a soft kill weapon where it will eventually mentally handicap the victims and even give them the […]

Apr 022021
Vermont Gov wants the Blacks DEAD! FIRST!

The belligerent racism by the Democrats is clear as day, but they really want to rub it in your face. Here’s Governor Phil Scott’s tweet where he wants all “Black, Indigenous, or a person of color (BIPOC), including anyone with Abenaki or other First Nations heritage” to receive the soft-kill shot first. I’ll post an […]