Aug 262021

More and more we are seeing abbreviated migration. It’s now a common policy used by the Fake News. When they say something along the lines of “women and children” are coming over the border, or “women and children” are being flown to safety , you should always be skeptical. The part that is missing is the beginning of the statement which goes “adult men who rape”. Unfortunately the major news outlets don’t have time to include that part. Now you have the whole story.

Oh and when they say “asylum” that’s their abbreviation for “replacement migration”.

Aug 242021

The FDA approved the COVID injections and will now be marketed as “Comirnaty”. It’s been tested on many people and have been found to be very dangerous and deadly via the VAERS report from the CDC. Yet the government and mainstream media continues to say that it’s safe and effective. This has been a change of study policy where there isn’t any long term data as the FDA commented “Information is not yet available about potential long-term health outcomes.”

Why so soon? Well they were shooting for an approval in September but, being under pressure, the corrupted FDA had to push it out faster, most likely cause in mid September there will be an extreme push back from the entire world when the hospitals are full of vaccine damaged people who are sick or worse from the poison jab.

We knew it was coming.. Biden now urges companies and local governments to mandate the jab because if the small guy does it then the big guy has a scape goat.

According to the government website it says they are “safe and effective”, so all the jab junkies can rest assured that the boosters will be a good time.

Aug 202021

(VIDEO) Australian Minister Victor Dominello diagnosed with Bell’s palsy following a COVID jab. Viewers spot drooping eye in NSW press conference on live tv. Months earlier he had called for a federal electronic vaccine passport.

Aug 152021

Well, we knew it was coming. Department Of Homeland Security just made a bulletin for their big move to round up anyone they want.

So now even if you question their COVID measures you can be locked up! When will they be adding the “Climate Crisis Denier” to their list?

Seems straight out of the tyranny playbook on how corrupt Governments protect themselves.