Nov 202021

Self Defense lives on following the Kyle Rittenhouse court case enraging the leftist cult even more now that one of their leaders, a 5 time serial child rapist pedophile, Joseph Rosenbaum was killed as he attempted to attack the 17 year old boy.

Following the trial Kyle said “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal”. Tucker Carlson will be release a documentary on the events of Kyle Rittenhouse. In the promo video Kyle talks about his PTSD that he now lives with every day of his life.

Still pedophiles and their enablers fume at the court’s results calling Rittenhouse a “Murderer” even though a jury of his piers has found that is not the case. One can only expect Kyle Rittenhouse will be a very rich man after not only the fake news media but even the Joe Biden, the President of Afghanistan, has defamed him.

Oct 152021

VIDEO – Well, we knew they were coming and now they are covering up for their own. Loudoun County, Virginia parents confront their filthy pedo board as they sit there and hide behind their masks, for good reason, after they covered up a rape that occurred in their unisex bathroom and push pornographic literature as they sexualize the children. WHATS NEW!

Oct 112021

Don’t breath, talk, move, or even use electricity to record and upload to youtube anymore cause you may effect the climate and Youtube can consider that or any other action climate change and therefore misinformation.


LOL! Not like I didn’t see this coming a mile away.

Even a single atom being displaced is obviously a climate change so virtually anything can be labeled that and then used against you with their ridiculous policy. But this has been the plan all along and with barely any push back from the COVID vaccine censorship, they put the pedal to the metal!

Years ago I stop all monetizing operations on my channel when Youtube removed some of my videos, put me in streaming prison, and started demonetizing my trading videos even before they were made, yeah scheduled to air. Since then I stopped uploading full videos to Youtube and only post clips that will inform viewers where to find it on my website and I’ve always recommended that for others the entire time.
But people never want to listen so that being said,,,
Good luck youtubers! Your screwed!

Sep 172021

Sources are saying that Nicki Minaj’s filthy ass has recently registered as a Republican after being censored by big tech for questioning the new drugs that the government is shooting people up with that have been touted to protect against disease. Minaj’s ass is well know to harbor an extreme amount of bacteria and viruses that could possibly be effected negatively from the shots.

That’s HUGE!

The new right wing, racist, white supremacy, Trump supporting, extremist.