Nov 282020
The Lie the Vatican Told

The COVENS of AZAZEL & The Babylonian Slave Queen Enjoy the re-mastered and fully narrated version of “The Lie the Vatican Told”. This documentary will take you deep into the dark side of the controlling cult that writes the rules for planet Earth.

Nov 222019

WOW! The Cybertruck was unveiled last night. The Tesla company with CEO Elon Musk live streamed the much anticipated unveil that’s fans around the world tuned into with popcorn and chin-holders ready. Did you see it? It was big news. So, who came up with that cool name? NOT! That’s like the gayest name ever! […]

Jun 172019
LA is a Deathtrap!

Even more warnings for environmental radiation levels via cell service. Cell phone radiation causing cancer should be a no-brainer nowadays. Updated reports of 8 children and 3 teachers have been diagnosed with cancer at Weston Elementary School in Ripon which has had a Sprint cell town right next to the building. Just recently Dr. Jack […]