Jun 142021
Biden's Epic Market

Biden’s epic market just ripped to a new All-Time-High CLOSE! making Trump’s market look like a sucka chump. With the destruction of America’s middle class how could this be? Unnamed sources have mentioned that the FANG’s (Super Corrupt Tech Monopoly Mega Corporations), now known as FAG to accommodate critical race theory, are joining forces. Apple, […]

Jun 112021
The Classic Reaction

I love the new “conditioning” I heard on mainstream media this morning. They now use the term “classic reaction” or “classic side effect” to the jab. Unbelievable! But yeah sure, they’re “safe and effective”. Your heart attack was just the classic adverse reaction. It’s classic!

Jun 092021
Santa for Colton

JVonD performs a set dedicated to 18 year old Colton Berrett who tragically got paralyzed from a Gardasil HPV injection and succumbed to his condition as a burden on his friends and family and decided to end his life. Watch Vaxxed II The Peoples Truth to experience his story. https://jvond.com/video/jvondvids/2021-06-08_JVonD_HOM_SantaMeasureTalkin.mp4 RIP Colton Berrett.

Jun 032021
Sidewalk to Hell

Bezos minions are unknowingly building a gigantic Amazon network simply by installing the devices in their homes and offices. Soon Amazon will be turning the machines into a huge network using the devices as repeaters, or “bridges”, via their “sidewalk” operation which links most common Amazon devices. Not only that but they will have the […]