Aug 152021

Well, we knew it was coming. Department Of Homeland Security just made a bulletin for their big move to round up anyone they want.

So now even if you question their COVID measures you can be locked up! When will they be adding the “Climate Crisis Denier” to their list?

Seems straight out of the tyranny playbook on how corrupt Governments protect themselves.

Aug 112021

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium is trending big time. The Colorado vote is a big deal on Wednesday after the Mesa County clerk Tina M. Peters’s office got raided by the Secretary of State on Tuesday while she was on her way to the Cyber Symposium. Now on Wednesday we can see a bunch of tech guys going through the databases of the voting processes and finding all kinds of data breaches, log issues, and missing files. Using forensic voting machine “images”, it was noted that a “de-hardening” batch script was in place both before & after the election. It is believed this could be used to reduce the security of the machines. This is nuts!

Jul 092021

Johns Hopkins, the super corrupt COVID fraud collaborator, has taken one of it’s own. Robin Spring Saunders age 45 was forced to take the shots to retain her work at their hospital in Maryland and following 2 shots she was “in the ICU with brain swelling and heart issues.” according to her cousin. Now she’s dead meat!

“I never thought I’d get a Covid shot but I got my first one today,” a post from Saunders stated. “Unfortunately my job requires it.”

They must be conspiracy theorists cause the Governments, UN, and Mainstream Media says they are “safe and effective”.

Apr 062021

The SPARS Pandemic from Johns Hopkins is the blueprint of the COVID Pandemic just labeled for a later date. You can read along the timescale as events happen with precise accuracy. Information on how the shot (aka:vaccine) is a soft kill weapon where it will eventually mentally handicap the victims and even give them the human version of “Mad Cow” disease where then the same people and entities (Government, Elites, Hollywood) that encouraged people to get the shot will then honor them as the hero’s that save the planet as they die a gruesome slow death which was all based on a Psyop fake pandemic. Here’s the actual book and also a video of the Infowars guys discussing it during an “Emergency Broadcast”.