May 072021
MVP Destroys Nose

On Friday night’s Bellator MMA fighting event the stylie fighter called MVP aka: Michael Page made a Bruce Lee style snapping round house kick to Derek Anderson’s face destroying his nose. It was truly epic. Dude’s nose was blasted into his face.

May 072021
Blank COVID Vaccine Insert

Pharmacist opens J&J vaccine insert and it’s blank. Usually the insert that comes in the box with the vials has tons of information about safety, ingredients, ethicacy, etc… But they intentionally left the new, so called, “vaccine” inserts blank.

Apr 282021
Pfizer Paralysis

Woman seemingly brain dead after the Pfizer jab when considering her being paralyzed from the neck down following the 2nd dose, then on TV saying “I’m not saying don’t get the vaccine”. She already had COVID and then got the shot. Alternative news sources like Infowars have been warning about these reactions when the so-called […]