Jul 132017
The most stupid gap EVER!

Here ya go. Enjoy folks! I know it’s tough to see what the deal is so here’s the weekly chart. A $20+ gap! The fucking piece of shit filled the other fricken huge gap. It’s total insanity. I know it’s tough to see the magnitude. So here, let me make it real easy for ya.

May 102017
Spreads BABY!

Lately on #TradeBuddiesLive we have been keeping an eye on spreads, and man there have been some interesting things going on. Here’s some charts I’m very much interested in. Tune in on today’s live show for more info. Lean Hogs- Live Cattle – Wheat –

May 052017
Most Insane Gap Fill Ever II

OMG! The most insane action I’ll probably ever see!  After 4 or so Limit Up’s hit we now see 2 Limit Downs  following the Thursday open which was an instant gap to limit up, CRAZY!!  I watched the price action on my ladder all morning on Thursday and man was it interesting to watch the […]