Jan 132021

On January 12th, 2021 the President of the United States gave a speech at the Wall Signing event in Texas talking about how he constructed over 400 miles of wall to help deter illegal immigration. With all the crazy crap going on like another impeachment, invoking the 25th amendment, and the capitol protest, you would think that the media would want to cover the story to hear what he has to say.

As seen during Trumps Wall Signing Speech.

Wrong! Every network, Big Tech video feeds, and even the White House Youtube stream, did not cover his speech. Even FOX News decided to run globalist agents demonizing patriots when a lot of evidence shows it was all another Antifa false-flag.

FOX News coverage during Trump’s speech.

The only outlets covering it was Right Side Broadcasting, Newsmax, Infowars, and maybe OANN. We are in deep deep trouble when the global cartel of corporations has this kind of power and the masses of Americans, who ate the GMO, drank the contaminated water, injected the dangerous vaccines, consumed the anti-depressant psychotropic drugs, and can barely think for themselves are playing along right into the trap. America is in a coma on a respirator while the global elite are the doctors slowing increasing the pressure to finally blow out America’s lungs and write it off as a COVID death to perpetuate the fraud and eugenics plan. Prepare for what TV has been training us to prepare for…

Matrix Pod

We’re in so deep. Could this possibly be reversed..?

Last night I was flipping through the channels and I saw Alex Jones on PBS. Of coarse! They censor Trump and then all the network cartels run a hit pieces, not only on him, but Alex Jones and any other person who is pro-America. It’s like the cherry on top. Every time the main stream media says something is a “conspiracy theory” you can bet that it’s %100 FACT!

Disgusting… #StopWatchingTV

The playbook.. 1st Amendment dead.
What’s next? False flag to take the guns of coarse.