Aug 312021

A group of super skanks are seen obnoxiously ripping huge farts and most likely directly shedding COVID vax spike proteins from their disgusting bacteria and virus filled ass cracks, at innocent passerby’rs, in the middle of a busy Chicago road as a man gets brutally attacked in Chicago by a group of thugs who ended up robbing and stealing from multiple people. Later pedestrians were seen violently vomiting and convulsing from the rank stank and vile optics given off by the display. Trusted sources are saying that the inner city hoochie mama ass gas attacks can be compared to being hit with bear spray at point blank range.

The new improved USA Society

Mainstream Media be like “White Supremacist attack poor defenseless black handicap oppressed boy who was walking alone back to the homeless shelter for kids. BLM must attack now!”

Aug 312021

Over and over we hear about climate change starting the big California fires. What you don’t hear is that it’s a BELLIGERENT LIE!! Here’s a couple from 2021.

Fremont woman arrested as arson suspect in Sierra wildland fire

Most likely she’ll be free to go cause she’s anti-American pedophile like all the Democrats that control the court system.

Ex-professor accused of arson ‘spree’ near California’s Dixie Fire

Your Pedophile neighbor with the BLM sign out front.

Gary Stephen Maynard went on an arson spree. Let me guess, he’s also an ANTIFA jerk..?

Aug 272021

J&J said their shot can be used as a booster for their one time injection. COOL!

There are reports of ppl getting the mRNA shots after getting the single jab J&J. WILD!

Guess they aren’t killing ppl fast enough.

Well according to Director Bauer ppl who have taken the 2 doses of mRNA have a 6th of the natural protection against infections so we knew the boosters were always going to be in the near future. YUMMY!