May 242021

A solo night where JVonD does a massive amount of jams, over an hour, with the new set format of jam programming. Also new deeper kick drums and bass make this a back punching sonic experience. Products covered are the Moog Werkstatt-01, Korg MS-20 FS (Full-Size), and the Roland System-8.

May 182021

I received a disturbing email from Health First Colorado.

It seems to show a scared down syndrome kid with a happy parent. She must have just got the news that she can euthanize her high-maintenance mentally challenged kid with the COVID Jab. Chances are she screwed up the poor kid via vaccines in the first place…

It’s ok everyone!! You can have the government and local sheriffs help you shoot up your youngster via “Operation Homebound“! Don’t worry, it’s ok cause it’s liberal.

May 072021

On Friday night’s Bellator MMA fighting event the stylie fighter called MVP aka: Michael Page made a Bruce Lee style snapping round house kick to Derek Anderson’s face destroying his nose. It was truly epic.

Dude’s nose was blasted into his face.