May 242019

Trapped in hexagons! Aphonix and Mark Carrano in the studio. JVonD talks about his new Hamu CV controller setup in Reason and show’s a video of Ladybug’s Lavender Farm. Aphonix plays a video of Schema Things at Your Mom’s House. New tech covered includes Gamechanger’s Motor SynthJoue Essential Pack – Modular MIDI MPE Controller with 5 ModulesPreSonus StudioLive 32SX Series IIIKorg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer, Novation Summit, and the Digitone Keys #1.

May 202019

The extremely deranged liberal left fascist zombie lunatics have proven themselves once again showing they are so dumb downed, a retarding of their development causing mental illness, that not only do they want to get rid of the first amendment for anyone that questions them but they actually think they can get social media to ban the president of the United States of America.
Man they are stupid…
So stupid that they would give up all their God given rights and give all power to tyrannical leaders who would take pleasure in squeezing their neck while staring into their eyes as they slowly die and their soul leaves their body.
Welcome to Crazy Town! Population- all Democrat supporters.

May 192019

These pigs are slaughtering themselves…

“African swine fever keeps spreading in Asia, threatening food security”

by Dennis Normile via Science

“In recent weeks, it has jumped borders to Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, and possibly North Korea. Animal health experts agree that the disease will inevitably spread farther. And many of the newly hit countries are even less prepared to deal with ASF than China, they say, which has so far failed to end its outbreaks.”