Feb 212017

OMG! This can’t be real.
I have to ask the question..
Wouldn’t these protesters be raped and then get stoned to death, at the very least, before they could even start to be oppressed in a place that practices what they preach and are protesting for? and that’s just for calling the prayer.  Do they think getting stoned is hanging out smoking weed or something?
So they might as well be chanting “We want more rights!” followed by “We want less rights!”.
This can not be real!!  I CALL “FAKE NEWS”! #HillaryShit

GEE BIG SURPRISE! The idiots who posted the above video removed because they look really, really ,really stupid…

Feb 142017

It’s Valentines Day so don’t forget to buy chocolate. It’s got to be fricken cheap! How much lower can it go?  WTF!

This monthly (May contract) chart is showing a serious move. WOW! I’m focusing on May cause the March is coming to an end and rolling will be taking effect soon. Does anyone dare take this long here..? Look at the opinions.

“Oh the humanity!”

The funds tend to never be short cocoa. The only other time was in 2012! and they don’t seem to like being short.

Who dares take this long here!!??  Who’s got the titanium balls to take the trade and take the pain..?  It could be like like having a terminator smashing your balls non-stop for eternity

This reminds me of when cattle futures got so far below value that the snap back “rips your head off”.

Some news are saying, “The beans are piling up at ports” like the shit piles left behind from the bulls.