Dec 302005

This show is for all the unfortunate people who are not celebrating the New Years with friends. Start this show at exactly 10:58:20pm tonight and celebrate with JVonD Radio. We can all do the count down together. Listen as I get totally plastered and let the party run the show. Many friends stop by my tiny studio to ring in the New Year. I’m still recovering from puking all morning so thats all I’m gonna write.

JVonD – Jeff Layton – TRav – Lucion

Fonz – Kid (

Cindy – Kid – Dave Strauss (Flat Cat Records)

“Good Luck Hex” Gaelic Folklore Painting by Cindy

Dec 202005

Putting the spotlight on Billy Beck from Hollywood, CA. Billy has been the man at the Bliss Cafe hosting the “Open Mic” and the “Open Jam” sessions. Listen as JVonD explores his past recording projects and the artists that inspire his style. He also tells stories from unique events in the past. Including his Bonzo story who was his community dog from San Francisco.